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Hey there! My name is Raquel McGarry and I am passionate about this little corner of the internet. I find motivation in writing about inspiring topics like productivity and being a girlboss!

I’m all about empowering other gals to be the most #girlboss they can be, as well as feeling happy with their life.

Productivity is my jam! There is nothing better then sitting down and getting sh*t done, especially when you are working on something you really love, like blogging. Finding something you are passionate about or at least something that will make you continuously happy is essential to living your best life!







A Bit More About Me

Hey! My name is Raquel and I am a 14 year old, Danish-American blogger! I love to blog, bake, travel, eat, be outside, and spend time with my family and friends.

Even though I am only 14, I think a lot about my life and how to be happy, or more specifically what types of things I want to do, habits I want to create, etc. I want to live a productive and happy life! That’s why you’ll notice a lot of my blog posts are about bettering your life. Goals, plans, and productivity is what I live for!

I LOVE anything related to blogging and social media, specifically the business side of it all! It’s my happy place 🙂 I also LOVEEEE food. I am a total foodie, you can always find me eating haha. I especially love sweets, anything chocolatey will make my day!

I am totally open to PR and collaborations. Anyone can contact me through my contact page, my Instagram, or my Twitter!