15 Ways Support Other Influencers

Hey babes! Welcome back to the blog 🙂

Supporting other influencers can be one of the best things about blogging! Building friendships, validating others’ creativity, relishing in the milestones of others, and them relishing in yours, eagerly watching their stories, and genuinely enjoying the content of others.

Supporting other influencers can feel amazing, and often you get their support in return.

We get so caught up

in wanting people to like our posts, comment, follow us, and read our blog posts, that we often forget there are many other bloggers craving the same engagement. In this era of Instagram algorithms, it can be so frustrating to see so little engagement on your platforms, and everyone feels that frustration.


We all have our own lives

and it’s hard to focus on supporting others. I personally struggle to keep up with liking other photos and commenting. However, we have to think about the joy you can bring to other influencers with a simple comment or like. If you support other bloggers, they will most likely support you back! You can get so much engagement for being active while creating a genuine connection and spreading joy.

Supporting goes beyond liking posts.

It can be a lot more complicated than that, and there are far more kind things you can do for your fellow blogger gals to help them in their journey to success. Today I thought I would share a few specific ideas. We are a community, and blogging is so much more fun if you have gal pals to do it with 🙂 Not to mention, you can gain so much inspiration through viewing others’ content.

One more thing before we jump in.

In supporting bloggers, it’s still important to be honest with yourself. Don’t follow someone and leave fake comments on all of their posts if you don’t actually like their content. That’s just a waste of your time. This may seem mean, but it’s not helpful to anyone if we are all being fake with our engagement. If you are following them and you don’t like their content, to the point where you don’t feel motivated to like their posts, that’s actually hurtful to their account. Don’t follow people with content you don’t love, and make Instagram a space that inspires you.

15 Ways to Support Your Fellow Bloggers and Content Creators 

First: think about what types of engagement brings you the most joy. Is it when people dm you, is it when people consistently view your stories, a simple comment? Try and implement that form of engagement when supporting others 

Like AND comment –  try and leave genuine and specific comments on photos you like, not just “cute!” 

Vote on their polls and answer question stickers 

READ THEIR BLOG POSTS – I cannot say this enough. It takes 2 minutes to quickly read a blog post. Who knows? You might find something helpful in it, or it may inspire you! Just like you do on yours, they put effort into their blog, and their blog posts and it is heartbreaking when no one reads them.


Follow their blog

When someone is near a milestone, post them on your story – i.e “Get ____ to 3k, she really deserves it!

If you like their content, share it with your audience and/or tell the person!

Write a blog post about your favorite bloggers

Do follow Friday on your stories

Make and/or join blogger group chats

Follow new bloggers

If someone gets sponsored by a brand, congratulate them, and check out the brand (no need to buy anything, but have a look, click on the links)

Follow them on all of their social media

Do Saturday Saves on Your Story

Watch their stories, all the way through!

Dm them when you like a blog post, or slide up on their story


It’s frustrating when you don’t feel like you are getting anything out of supporting others, although you will often find you do. Despite that, Here are a few ideas that will benefit you more directly, while still supporting them. 

Give their a blog a compliment, and ask for some tips


Anything that includes posting them on your story from the list above, they might repost it on their story

Take part in an authentic gain train that someone in your niche posted


Those are all my ideas for today! Next time you are on Instagram, or craving engagement, think more consciously about supporting others! They deserve engagement as much as you do. Do your part to make the blogging community a supporting and loving place.


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