Waking Up Feeling Energized and Happy: How to Be More Of A Morning Person

Hey babes, welcome back to the blog!

You all know my obsession with mornings, I find them to be the most important, energizing, productive part of the day. Mornings can be enjoyable and productive if you let them be! Mornings are hard, but you can transform them into the best part of your day. 


Mornings can be tough because you are often tired, and want to stay in bed. A lot of people wake up a little grumpy, lazy, and reluctant to get started with the day. If you wake up that way, your morning and even day can suffer from a bad vibe and an irritable mood. However, it feels absolutely amazing if you wake up feeling good, and ready to conquer the world.

This is definitely something everyone should work on because waking up in a good mood can boost your productivity and allow you to have a great day. So, today I am sharing a few tips for waking up with energy and happiness. 


Get a good night’s rest

This one is pretty obvious, but if you take care of yourself and go to bed a little bit earlier, you will feel much more rested and happier when you wake up. It’s much better to sacrifice a bit of Netflix time in the night, then to sacrifice a good and productive start to your day. Try going to bed on time for a few nights and see what it does for your morning mood and productivity. I also guarantee you will realize you don’t need that extra time in the night you are using to go on your phone, watch Netflix, etc. Not to say you shouldn’t relax in the evening, but think about if you could go to sleep earlier, and weigh the benefits and the consequences of going to bed earlier to wake up earlier and refreshed.

Wake up naturally 

You will feel SO MUCH HAPPIER if you wake up naturally. The noise of your alarm clock disturbs your sleep, and well, alarms you, so that you are automatically more tense than you would be if you wake up naturally. If you wake up by yourself you will also feel way more refreshed and less tired because your sleep was not disturbed and you woke up gradually. Even if you would have waken up around the same time as your alarm, it still is not a good way to wake up and it will create a more tired and tense morning. I understand that if you are waking up naturally, then it is harder to wake up on time. I came up with two ideas for trying to wake up early enough naturally, but I am sure you could find some more with a quick google search:

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Open your curtains so the natural light wakes you up

An alternative option is to find an alarm sound that is super calming and gentle, so you wake up less suddenly and tense.

If you are waking up naturally and well rested, then there are some extra things to improve your waking up experience for a productive, happy refreshing morning.

Smile When You Wake Up

Smiling boosts your mood, whether you are actually happy or not. When you wake up, try smiling immediately. It will trick your brain, automatically boost your mood, and motivate/excite you for the morning and day ahead. 

Drink Water right when you get up

I have a really bad habit of getting up and starting my day without water for the first hour or so. For some reason, water is super unappetizing for me when I get up. Whether it’s unappetizing or not, we should all drink water right when we wake up. Your body has not had water for however many hours you slept, and it is dehydrated. If you drink water immediately after waking up, you and your body will feel more awake and energized. Hydration is important gals!

Get started with your morning ASAP

This one is important! Laying around in bed is lovely, but it will ruin your productive and refreshing morning. You should definitely treat yourself sometimes to laying in bed, sleeping in, etc, but if you are looking to have an energizing and productive start to your day, you should start your day immediately. When you lay in bed, the more you don’t want to get out, and the lazier you get. Whether you end up being productive after you get up or not, you won’t get the same refreshing and energizing feeling as you would if you got up right away. You are wasting time and unmotivating yourself. I know it’s hard to get out of bed immediately, but it will really save time and make for a more productive and satisfying morning.

I talked all about this concept in my blog post, 10 Things to do in the First 20 Minutes of Waking Up. Definitely go check that out if you are looking to improve your productivity and energy in the morning 🙂 That post includes how you should get ready right when you get up and not laze around in your PJs, so you can jump right into productivity and motivation. 

Those are all of my tips for today! Let me know in the comments if you wake up naturally, early, feeling good, or if you struggle with mornings. 


  1. Lovely post! I’m going to give these a try. I used to be a real morning person and somehow I lost that along the way. Really looking forward to some earlier mornings!


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