30 Ways to Boost Your Mood and Motivate Yourself When You Are Feeling Down

Hey gals! We all have those days when we are just not feeling it, and/or feeling unproductive and bluesy. Those days happen to me a lot when it’s gray or cold, or something just puts me in a bad mood.

I know I talk a lot about productivity, happiness, and positivity, but that’s not what all of life looks like! We all have bad moods and bad days, and it’s important to take care of ourselves, make ourselves feel better, make the best of the situation, and try to motivate ourselves.

Sometimes we are in a bad mood, but sometimes we are simply feeling down and unmotivated. I have some ideas here that will hopefully boost your mood, and increase your motivation. These ideas can also be for if you are feeling unmotivated or if you are in a funk. Some of these ideas might be unproductive, but you don’t always need to be productive. You should take care of yourself! Sometimes it’s nice to take a break, boost your mood, and smile a little bit! However, sometimes what makes me feel better is productivity or organization, because it motivates me, so that’s why some of these ideas are more related to pampering, classic self-care, etc., and some are more related to organization! It just comes down to what boosts your mood and motivates you. It also depends on the situation: sometimes you want to laze around and sometimes you want to be productive!

I hope you enjoy this post gals, and these ideas boost your mood next time you are down or unmotivated 🙂

30 Ways to Boost Your Mood When Down, Motivate Yourself, and Get Out of A Funk

Dance it out! – turn on some throwback songs or bopz in, and just dance, don’t think about how crazy you look!

Treat yourself! Buy something for yourself that you have been wanting to get – maybe some stationery? New notebooks? Online shopping??

Watch something funny

Make lists/organize yourself – never fails to motivate me

Clean up your room

Go for a walk

Bake something and eat it

Draw or color!

Take a nap or a bath, in other words: relax!

If you can, spend some time in the sunshine

Journal, write your thoughts

Plan/have an elaborate self-care evening: pamper, movie, etc.

Read some inspiring Pinterest articles

Have a creative brain dump

Change your outfit, add some jewelry!

Go out and do something, even running an errand!

Create some goals

Read a book

Cook dinner

Make a plan for your week

Paint your nails – some of these ideas are related to putting yourself together a little bit because that always makes me feel better about myself

Repeat some affirmations

Watch a movie with a friend or family member

Make a new playlist, filled with all of your favorite songs, especially ones that boost your mood and get you moving. Then apply your new playlist to number 1!

Buy yourself a tea or coffee at a local shop

Plan some Instagram or blog content; do little tasks that need to be done for your blog, that way you aren’t overwhelmed, but you are still getting some things done

Take a shower, wash your face, refresh.

Put your problems in perspective, and try to solve them

Do some decluttering

Smile, girl, smile 🙂

I hope you liked these ideas gals, I hope you are having a lovely day, and if not, try some of these ideas.


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