5 Easy Habits To Develop For Keeping Your Space Clean

Hey gals and welcome back to the blog 🙂 Today I am sharing a shorter post with you about cleaning, and I hope you love it!

I am the type of girl who always keeps her room clean. Always. I love having a clean space because it inspires me and motivates me in my life and with blog work. It sounds cheesy, but it really does boost my mood when I walk into a clean room. I consistently clean my room because I love to do so, but for people who struggle to keep their room clean, I thought I would share a few easy tips in today’s post.


All these tips are easy habits to develop around cleaning so your space will be CONSISTENTLY CLEAN. Pick a few of these habits to squeeze into your daily schedule, and you will rarely have to take a big chunk of time out of your day to clean up a monstrous mess.

Make your bed every morning.

Making your bed makes a huge difference for the vibe of your space. If you bed is made, your room will feel half as messy as if it wasn’t. Making your bed right when you get up is a great habit to get into, so your room will have a clean and fresh vibe throughout the day (mentioned this in my post about morning routine ideas) I also often find that if my bed is made, I will feel more inspired to pick up a few other things because the mess is not nearly as scary. In summary, it takes two minutes in the morning to make your bed, and it will really clean up your space and boost your productivity and mood.

Stop throwing your clothes everywhere.

I am totally guilty of this one. I have a horrible habit of trying on outfits and then leaving them all over the floor and creating a big mess. Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the mess in my room is from clothes: dirty and clean. It does wonders for your space if you try to get in the habit of putting clothes away after you try them on, or folding and putting away your laundry asap. I would also recommend getting a mini laundry bin in your room so you don’t have a pile of dirty clothes either.

2-5 minutes a day 

If you take 2-5 minutes a day to look around your room and pick up your things, you will rarely have a dirty space. 2 minutes a day organizing and picking things up is not a lot, and it feels great to have a consistently clean space. Set a time during the day, like when you get home from school/work and just pick up a few things before you continue with your day and ignore the mess. You will be much more productive if your space is clean.  You don’t even have to clean everything in your room, but if you spend 2 minutes everyday, your space will consistently be clean and you will feel more motivated.

Vacuum once a week.

Vacuuming will make your space look and feel so much cleaner! You don’t realize how all the little stuff on your floor makes your room feel so messy, and it accumulates so fast. No matter what type of flooring you have, your room will have a fresh sheen to it once you vacuum. Also, if you make a habit of vacuuming weekly, you will be forced to pick up what’s on your floor 🙂

When you make a mess, clean it up immediately. 

Simple, right? This is mainly how I keep my space clean. Whether it’s creating a pile of clothes on the floor, bringing up a plate of food from the kitchen, messing up the pillows on my couch, etc, I try to clean up my messes IMMEDIATELY. Small messes are way easier to clean than messes that have been accumulating for awhile .I also find that the more I don’t clean, the less I feel like it, and I keep adding to the mess. If you master this habit, you won’t have any issues with a messy space

It’s important to develop cleaning habits like the ones above to easily keep your space clean, improve your mood and productivity, and spend less time cleaning. 

 Any easy cleaning tips? Leave them in the comments!


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