Improving Your Blog: 30 Prompts


Hey babes! Hope you are all having an amazing week, and welcome back to the blog.

Something I always struggle to get done is setting real goals for my blog. I never know where to start, or how to figure out what exactly needs to be improved. Goals are a vital part of growth and living a life you love. Your blog is most likely your passion, hobby, or career, and in all of those cases, it is important to you. Your blog should be a place that inspires you and creates joy, success, and productivity in your life. Creating a set of goals that reflects your dream for your blog is extremely important.


One of my biggest challenges in terms of creating goals for my blog is that all of my goals are too big or too vague and come from a fantasy vision I have for my blog and my life. I’ve learned that that is ok! Big dreams can be broken down into more specific goals, or they can remain a vision that I work towards by growing in my other goals and aspirations.

Blog goals can be huge, like I just talked about, or they can be super specific tasks that you are wanting to get done. Your blog can improve and grow in so many different ways to reflect your dreams.

Today’s post is a list of 30 prompts to get you thinking about how you can improve your blog, dream big, and create a space that inspires you and allows you to grow! Some of the prompts are more vague, and some are addressing specific aspects of your blog you could improve. 

So, get a piece of paper, and get ready to make a list of ideas that come to your from the 30 prompts below. I hope you all enjoy this post, and find it helpful. In creating this post, I felt inspired to make a list of goals as well. Remember, writing out goals is one thing, but you have to continue to review them and create action steps!!


30 Prompts For Goal Setting And Improving Your Blog

Create a vision: what’s your ideal situation for your blog?

Are you happy with your content?

How many site views/followers do you want in a month? A year?

Think of your top three favorite bloggers? What’s so great about their blog?

Are you posting as often as you want to?

Are you organized with your blog?

Does your blog inspire you or make you happy?

Are you advertising your blog in all the ways you could be?

Are you happy with your blog design?

What’s one thing you always hoped your blog would do for you?

Do you have a functional and brilliant about me page, contact page, etc.?

What could you improve about your blog right now?

Do you have an efficient blogging system or schedule?

Are you happy with your blog photos?

Are you working with brands you love? Have you worked with brands yet? Do you want to?

Do you have a newsletter for your blog?

What’s a blog post you read recently that you loved? What about it can you implement on your blog?

Are there any investments you have always wanted to make for your blog? (i.e a theme, camera, etc.)

What about your blog, if anything, is dysfunctional?

Any milestones you have been dying to reach?

How has your Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter been benefiting your blog?

Are their parts of your blog that are outdated? Will it benefit your blog to update them?

What’s a habit you want to develop to better your blog? – ideas: writing for half an hour everyday, posting on your Instagram story everyday, etc.

What is a project you could launch to further your influencer career?  – ideas: podcast, blogging series, etc.

Does your blog content reflect what your audience enjoys reading? How can you improve your content to be more enjoyable for your audience? Ideas: write more tip posts, ask your audience what they would be interested in, etc.

Are you as serious about blogging as you would like to be? How can you be more professional about your blog?

Do you have an inspiring space to work at?

Have you ever had a guest post on your blog? How could that benefit your blog? Have you ever guest posted and would you like to?       

How can you reach a new blog audience?

And of course….

Where do you want to be with your blog in one year? Five years? Or even a few months?

Have an amazing day gals, and I hope this post was beneficial to you and your blog!!


  1. wow I loved this blog post Raquel! next time I have a blogging brain storm and planning sash, I will definitely come back to this post and answer all these questions! xxx


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