How to Minimize Useless Time Spent on Your Phone

Hey babes! Welcome back to the blog! 

We all spend a lot of time on our electronics. There is no denying it. However, there is a beneficial and an non-beneficial way to spend time on your phone. I like to relax on my phone, watch YouTube videos, check Instagram, etc, which is fine, because I am using my time for self care, enjoyment, and entertainment. However, there is a point I reach when I am on my phone when I am no longer enjoying my time, I am mindlessly scrolling, just going on my phone to go on it, or using my phone as a procrastination device. That is what we are trying to fix in today’s post. I also spend a lot of time on my electronics due to my blog, which is productive. Now, you don’t need to be productive on your phone (I feel like most times you aren’t) but you need to ask yourself: am I enjoying myself right now? Is this a good use for my time? Am I procrastinating?



In this blog post, I am sharing my top tips for being more mindful in your phone usage, and minimizing time spent messing around on your phone when you could be doing something more useful, fun, or productive. We need to eliminate that time spent on your phone so you can enjoy the world around you, get more done, and stop wasting your time! Some of these tips are specific, and some are more general ideas to keep in mind!

Put an End to Mindless Scrolling

We all do it. Social media is a bit of a hook, and when I am bored, or procrastinating I will scroll for forever. I scroll to the point where I am not even paying attention to the content, and I am bored with my phone.

Stop Checking Social Media Every 5 Seconds

This is a bad habit a lot of people have. It’s time to break it. You’ll find that if you stop checking social media literally every 5 seconds, you will spend way less time on your phone overall.

Be Mindful

Try to be more mindful when you reach for your phone – are you going on it for a purpose (which can even be to relax), or are you just going on it to go on it? A few weeks ago, I tried going 24 hours without my phone, besides texting, and it made me much more mindful of the amount of time I spent on it. I would recommend doing this, because ever since, my phone usage has decreased dramatically.

Leave Your Phone Behind

If you don’t need to bring your phone somewhere, leave it behind! Phones have become safety blankets for people, which leads to phones being brought absolutely everywhere, when they don’t need to be. If you bring your phone everywhere, you are more likely to spend meaningless and unproductive time on your phone, like if you are waiting in line for something. Developing this habit will also make you more aware of what is around you, more efficient, and more productive. You can even practice this within your home, like if you need to grab a snack downstairs, leave your phone behind. Obviously you need to bring your phone a lot of places, but it again comes back to being mindful: do you need it, or is it something you have gotten in the habit of carrying places. If you are going somewhere for a longer amount of time, you might want to bring it, but if you are running a quick errand, think about leaving it behind. Also, bring your phone to the toilet?? Try leaving it behind. You get the gist.

Put it Away When You Are Trying to be Productive

I struggle with getting ancy or feeling stuck while working on something, and then picking up my phone and getting sucked into it. Having my phone next to me while working has decreased my productivity levels substantially. I like to take my phone and put it across the room. That way, if I want it, I have to make an active choice to go and get it, which makes me think twice about grabbing it. Having it out of your reach reminds you to focus on the task ahead.

Be Hard On Yourself

This is something I am still working on in terms of phone usage. I know all of these tactics now, but I often find myself making excuses or saying, “just one more YouTube video.” It is super important to see the difference between relaxing and enjoying yourself while being unproductive on your phone vs things like mindlessly scrolling, or watching a YT video just to watch it. It brings it back to mindfulness. Next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, turn off your phone and do something else. You don’t always have to be productive, but try not to waste your time doing enjoyable things. I mean, I feel like there is a point when you are on your phone when you realize that you are not enjoying scrolling, watching, etc. Hop off and do something else at that point, it doesn’t have to be productive. Hold yourself accountable!!

Try Phone Free Time

I personally do not have an established phone free time during my day, but I have seen others try this and it works for them. I mentioned above that I like to put away my phone when I am productive, but this is a little more harsh. Establish an hour or two during your day when you are going to put your phone away and not touch it until your time is up. You can use this time to be productive, get schoolwork done, etc, or you can try relaxing in ways other than being on your phone (something I struggle with). Don’t be afraid to put your phone down, just give this one a try and see if it works! This tactic will eliminate mindless scrolling, and again, make you more mindful of your phone use and what it is like to be without your phone.

Productive vs Unproductive screen time

I’ve mentioned this throughout the post, but I just want to touch on this point one more time to clarify. This post is about eliminating time spent on your electronics where you are wasting your rime and not enjoying yourself. I still spend plenty of time on my phone and computer, I just try and be more mindful and/or productive. Time spent on my computer is mostly in relation to blogging, so I don’t find myself mindlessly scrolling. On my phone, I try to be aware as to if I am enjoying my time on my phone or if I am going on it to go on it. You don’t need to be productive, I love to relax on my phone, but again, be aware of the point when you stop enjoying yourself.


Through using some of these tips, I personally have increased my awareness in regards to phone usage, and now spend way less unenjoyable time on my phone!

Those are all my tips! Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling sometimes? Are you looking to spend less useless time on your phone??