How to be a Girlboss: 4 Things Every Girlboss Needs

Girlboss time!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I write primarily about being a girlboss and productivity. That’s because we should all embrace our inner girlboss. Being a girlboss is just about knowing what you want, stopping at nothing to reach your goals, working for yourself and no one else, inspiring others, etc. I love the idea of working hard at what you love, and feeling good about yourself!! Self love, empowerment, happiness, and hard work are the words I would use to describe being a girlboss. Sounds good right? It actually sounds amazing! Who wouldn’t want to chase their biggest dreams and feel completely confident in everything they do?? Obviously, it’s not that easy. That’s why today I am sharing a few tips that will set you on a path to being a kick ass-hardworking-girlboss. You deserve to be happy with your work, who you are, and your goals, and that’s all apart of being a girlboss.


Disclaimer: I would say that being a girlboss is relatively self defined. Do whatever works for you, and whatever makes you feel like a boss babe. This post is just based off of how I define a girlboss. These are some loose ideas I base my definition of girlboss around: Working hard at your passion to provide for yourself and/or your happiness, feeling confident and powerful, and working towards your best life 🙂

I want to encourage as many gals as possible to start reaching for their goals, personally and professionally. I think that’s another idea around girlboss: mixing personal and professional aspirations (i.e creating your own business or blog). Now, I am certainly not an expert on being a girlboss and living your best life. Life isn’t perfect, but I can tell you right now: it feels so good to have a passion, work hard at what you love, and have fun thinking about achieving your dream life. Honestly, just the idea of being a girlboss gets me hype, and that’s what I am trying to inspire through this post. Find the thing that gets you excited about your life, and hang on to it. If it’s being a girlboss, this post is for you.

Today I am sharing the general girlboss essentials: what you need to get started as a girlboss. These aren’t all specific, but they are big ideas you should keep in mind.


The Essential Girlboss Checklist

A Passion

Being a girlboss is all about working hard towards what you want. You have to have something that you can work hard at, and something that makes you happy to focus on. For me, this is my blog, and I can pour all of my girlboss energy into it. This can be a Youtube channel, a blog, Instagram, your own business. It’s typically something you are doing yourself, for yourself. Find what you love to do, and focus on it girl!

A Workspace 

You can’t work hard sitting in bed, or you can, but I promise it won’t be as productive or empowering as having a workspace. Your workspace can just be your desk, but you have to keep it clean and inspiring. Your workspace should have all your productivity essentials: todo lists, water, snacks, a vision board, your computer, etc.


Organization/Idea Keepers 

You’re a busy bee, and you have so many amazing ideas to keep track of. Use a planner, a calendar, or even a todo list to keep track of everything awesome going on in your life. Have an idea notebook that you carry around with you so you don’t miss a spark of inspiration! Also – don’t argue with me when I say a todo list is an essential. Motivate yourself and keep track of your tasks at the same time!!



A passion is one thing, but you have to see where you are going. Goals are your source of motivation, what keeps you productive. You should create short term and long term goals for your life, and your passion project. Being a girlboss is all about finding the life you want to live! So, set short term realistic goals, to help you accomplish your long term far away goals, so they end up not so far away. Don’t hold yourself back, allow yourself to dream.


Yay! That’s my essential girlboss checklist. I hope you all enjoyed this post 🙂 Again, girlboss is just the idea of working hard at what you love, and feeling good about yourself. There is a million ways to achieve the idea of being a girlboss, and this was just a list of my general pointers. I’d love to hear in the comments how you define girlboss, and what makes you a girlboss!

I certainly don’t fit in with all these tips, but you don’t necessarily need to!  Just stay true to you and work hard at your passion (for me it’s my blog). Girlboss is obviously also about girl power, and supporting other gals, which was one of my goals for this post!

Girlboss: working hard at what you love, for yourself.

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Have an amazing day!! – Follow my blog to stay updated with my posts! Tomorrow’s post is all about Girlboss self confidence 🙂

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    1. I hope this post gave you the motivation to get started on your girlboss journey!! Thank you for the comment xox


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