How to Have The Perfect Productivity Session





For me, whenever I have tasks to get done, I like to have a productivity session. I like to sit down, make a plan, get as much done as possible and then relax afterwards. I mean, I LOVE Netflix, but it’s far more satisfying to have it waiting for me after I complete my todo list, than letting it distract me and get in the way of my beloved productivity.  


Planning out a time where you want to accomplish all or most of your tasks works better than dispersing your work among other activities throughout the day. If you plan to get all of your tasks done in one block of time, and actually hold yourself to it, you will get so much more done, and feel so awesome!


I LOVE to hype myself up about getting productive, and that’s exactly what I do by planning out times in the week where I am going to get everything done! Low key, I’m a nerd for productivity. Just the idea of having everything done, working hard, doing something meaningful, sounds so appealing to me! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I also love lazing around, and I often struggle to get started with productivity, but there is nothing better than feeling productive and successful.


I have to admit, it’s challenging to sit down and just be productive for a block of time. That’s why today I am sharing with you my essential tips and steps for having a successful productivity session.


I recommend trying to get everything done as early in the day as possible, that way you can get it out of the way, as well as have time to work on stuff if your block of time doesn’t go as planned




Before you start: How long do you want to spend on your productivity session? Be realistic about how long it will take you to complete your tasks. Once the time is up, try and drop the unfinished tasks, and complete them another time. That way, you will feel motivated to focus as long as you tell yourself to, but know that there is a limit and you won’t be working hard forever. This is totally optional, because maybe you just want to work until you don’t feel like it anymore!


Identify goals/tasks 

Make a todo list. You cannot have a productivity session without a proper to do list! You need to be able to see what you want to get done as you work, and be able to cross things off to feel productive. In your todo list, be sure to:

  • be specific — not just “write blog posts,” but rather, “write blog post about productivity,” or, “write one blog post.”
  • be realistic about what you will actually be able to get done — it’s not satisfying to write a huge todo list and then only cross of a few things



What are the most important tasks you have on your list?? Identify a few that absolutely NEED to get done during your productivity session, and work on them first. It is always a good idea to work on the hardest tasks first. You won’t procrastinate them, and you will feel far more productive if you got the hard stuff done. They won’t be weighing you down anymore, and you can focus on the easier, maybe more fun tasks!



Your surroundings play a huge part in how productive you are going to be!! Make sure you have a clean work space that you can focus in. Feel free to give yourself a change of scenery too: head to a local coffee shop, go to the library, or even work at your kitchen table instead of your desk.



When it comes to actually focusing on the tasks in front of you, you have to be honest with yourself. I’ve said in posts before that to make productivity more fun, you should listen to music of watch TV. It actually really depends on the task. If it’s something you can do easily while watching TV, go for it! However if it’s going to end up distracting you (which it probably will, be realistic), then turn it off. This is definitely a struggle, but you just need to prioritize your work. I would suggest putting away your phone altogether, so you aren’t tempted to grab it. Another tip is to focus on tasks until they are finished. It’s tempting to skip around when you are getting stuck, but that’s just procrastinating, and it will slow down your productivity.

Follow all these steps, and I am sure you will have a successful and satisfying productivity session!



To be honest, having a productive day/session won’t always work out. You might only end up ticking a few things off of your todo list. However, if you worked hard and tried your best (sounds cheesy), there’s not much you can do, and you just have to remember nothing is perfect!! If you don’t get everything done (which is fine), just be sure to plan another time to complete the unfinished tasks so you feel a little more organized, and you have a plan.  


I hope you all found these tips helpful! I’m all about being a girlboss, and  a big part of that is holding yourself accountable and getting work done! Just like everyone else, I’m a procrastinator sometimes. But I promise you, it feels SO GOOD to just get sh*t done. Even just starting with a few tasks can go a long way in helping you to feel more energized, organized, and girlboss. If you want more productivity and girlboss tips, I wrote a helpful post on how to be a girlboss right here.


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