13 Bloggers Share Their Top Tip For Blogging: Getting Blog Traffic, Instagram, Blogging Ruts, and More!

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Gals. I am so excited for this post you are about to read!!

For the longest time, whenever I ask my Instagram followers for blog post requests, I would say around 85% of the requests are asking for a blog post about blogging tips. Now, I have always wanted to do this post, but I just don’t feel as knowledgeable as I could be around blogging, as I have been blogging a little less than a year, and haven’t gained that much traffic to my blog. If I was going to do this post, I would want it to be actually helpful to all you babes!

So, I called upon 12 of my fave bloggers and Instagrammers to share their expertise.

All of these bloggers are complete girl bosses, and have the most amazing blogs. Each one of them is going to share their biggest blogging/Instagram tip, so you will have an archive of 12 fabulous blogger’s top tips, along with my tip. They are all so good at what they do, and all their tips are legit and well thought out (so take advantage of this post). I went ahead and linked their blogs and Instagrams so you can follow them and take a peek at their blog!

Not gonna lie, this blog post is partly blogging tips to help you all out, but also partly me fangirling and sharing with you all my top blogging inspirations. I mean, take a look at their blogs when you are scrolling through! It was such an amazing experience putting together this blog post, because I was chatting with my fave bloggers, learning some amazing tips, as well as helping you all out!!


13 Bloggers Share Their Top Blogging Tips

Before we get started, I wanted to share one of my blogging tips: take inspiration from other bloggers! Other bloggers are one of the best places you can find inspiration! Obviously, don’t steal ideas, but when you are feeling stuck, a good scroll through your favorite blog can seriously help. Honestly just seeing other bloggers publishing amazing content is inspiring, even if you aren’t in the same niche. So, as you scroll through this post, take a look at these blogs, because these gals and blogs are so inspiring




“One of my top blogging tips is; Write about what you love. I know this is really simple, but it is definitely something that can be overlooked, I think.. You can feel like you’ve lost your way a little bit and start writing about the popular topics, that everyone is writing about, and that’s absolutely fine, as long as you WANT to. I always think to myself ‘what would I want to read/would I want to read this’ before putting together any post, as long as the answer is yes, then that’s perfect  So basically, just be you and be yourself.”




“Okay so my biggest tip/lesson would be… that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with earning money from blogging, but you have to be doing it for the right reasons. A lot of bloggers either start blogging solely for money OR they think they shouldn’t be making money from a hobby. Both of these are wrong. You will never be able to earn somewhat of an income from your blog unless the true passion and commitment is there, it took me over three years of hard work and dedication before I earned a penny. It’s absolutely okay to earn some money from a hobby that you put so much time and effort into – even if it’s just a bit of pocket money or side income, never let brands take advantage of the huge amount of work you put into your blog, at the end of the day it’s a mutually beneficial relationship and your platform is advertising their product.”




“Make sure your blog posts are at least 300 words! The reason why this is so important is because if they’re less than 300 words, search engines think you’re creating invaluable content.

That can then lead to search engines thinking that your site isn’t adding enough valuable content, which then leads to your blog posts not ranking well in the search engines.

You’d be surprised at just how little 300 words is. But, if this is something you’re struggling with here are some ideas of what you could add to your post:

– At the beginning of your blog post, connect with your readers on a personal level. This could be talking about your weekend/week, what you’ve been up to, anything you may be struggling with, etc.

– Add in any fillers through out your post like  a funny story that goes along with what you’re talking about.

– At the end of your post, ask questions. Whether that be about your blog post topic or even asking your readers what they want to see more of?”




“I would probably say for like planning blog posts…Even if I don’t need to think of any ideas for blog posts I still write down like different ideas so I’m always prepared and never run out of ideas”

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“I’d suggest creating a twitter account for your blog, engaging with your followers and promoting your posts on there. I don’t think people realize how good twitter can be when it comes to blogging. It’s where the majority of my traffic comes from”




“Publish what YOU want to publish. It’s obvious when your hearts not in it so just post about things that you want to. The things that make you happy, not what you think people might like to read!”




“My biggest tip would be to find where your passion lies. If you are struggling for ideas, content, and such you’re probably not doing what you truly love. Find what sets your heart on fire and then you’ll be golden!”






“My blogging tip would be to create a twitter account specifically for your blog sooner rather than later. Twitter is a great place to create engagement for your posts and reach an audience you never even thought you had ahaha, deffo worth it!! Also, using a tweet schedule is a good shout too! xx”




“Something that I personally struggle with is not feeling good enough within the blogging community!  I tell myself that there are so many people better than myself and there isn’t any point in me even calling myself a ‘blogger’. This feeling usually heightens when I miss an upload due to my disorganisation and not having a post fully ready in time! Plus, I know it isn’t just me that feels this way! My number 1 blogging tip is to never put pressure on yourself & enjoy being part of such a wonderful and supportive global community! No matter how many times I miss an upload, my followers and friends send me lovely messages telling me not to worry and are happy to wait until the following day! I love blogging with my whole heart, and that passion is what keeps me going! Enjoy it!”

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“If you’re trying to grow your Instagram for your blog I’d suggest following loads of other bloggers who you love the content of and get active! Use all 30 hashtags (both big and small) to get your photos out there for people to see and engage with. If you’re really wanting to up your insta game I’d highly recommend using Vix Meldrew’s sources because they have been BRILLIANT for me! Xx”




“My biggest tip would be too: Use all 30 of your hashtags and research good ones to use that are related to your post. Also, use a mixture between small community hashtags(30,000 or less posts) and bigger hashtags. They really help improve your reach!!”️️

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Now, as the last tip, one of my fave gals, Lauren, is going to share a blogging tip about “getting your blog mojo back,” with some prompts. As bloggers, we all have experienced blogging ruts, so keep this tip handy for future reference, as it will help you work through your problem!

Getting your blog mojo back:

Like anything in life, we can lose our spark and inspiration towards the things we’re interested in for various reasons. Losing your blogging mojo is definitely something most bloggers experience from time to time, but how do you get it back?

Start by thinking about your why/purpose.

Why did you start a blog in the first place? Was it to make new friends and build an engaged audience? Was it to be creative and expand your skills? Was it to find a hobby that you would love?

Once you’ve reminded yourself of why you began your space on the internet in the first place, begin to think about why you have continued on with it, when you could have given up after a few days and never returned. What has kept you going?

Was it because you enjoyed the process? Was it the people you got to interact with? Was it the satisfaction you get from publishing a new post?

You’ve probably reached this place pretty down and fed up with not feeling the same way you used to about your blog and blogging. But now you’re reading this, it’s a good sign that you want to take back control and get yourself back in a good place.

Now think about why you want to continue with your blog? What is it that is making you want to get your blog mojo back? Why do you want to get it back?

From here, you can begin to use your reflections to figure out what is different now compared to when you first started out. Don’t just think about outside things you can’t control. Think about how you feel and your approach.

What has changed? Is it something you can bring back? How could you go back to that place?

Those are all of the tips! I seriously loved putting together this blog post, and being able to connect with all of my favorite bloggers! I hope you all found these tips helpful, as well as found some new blogs to read. I want to say a massive thank you to all the bloggers who got involved in this: I could not be happier with the final product!

It’s so important to support each other as influencers, and I could not have thought of a better way to do it: sharing blogging tips and shouting out some amazing bloggers.

I would love to hear about your favorite bloggers in the comments, as well as any blogging tips you might have!


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