Blogging Isn’t Perfect…

When it comes to blogging, I am a bit of a perfectionist.

No matter how hard I work on designing my blog, writing posts, and brainstorming ideas, I constantly find myself in blogging ruts. Because my blog is exclusively mine, and there is no guidelines to how it looks or what my content should be, blogging quickly became a comparing game for me. I am always comparing my blog design, posts, and numbers to other bloggers. This is a toxic trap for bloggers. Blogging is wonderful, because you can make it your own, and do whatever you want with it. However, if you let competition/comparing get in your way, then you won’t ever feel happy with blogging, or get anywhere with it. Even comparing with past content of your own, or whatever personal standards you have can be damaging. I am still struggling with this, because I feel like every post I write and picture I take is sub – par, and I could do better!

I want to be honest with you all, and share my blogging struggles so I can help myself and others, as well as show you all a little behind the scenes. So, today I want to go over a few things I struggle with as far as feeling happy with my blog, and being a perfectionist with blogging, as well as a few ideas I have for solutions. 


Writing and Never Publishing

Sometimes, when I need to write something, I will write a blog post and then never publish it. The posts aren’t bad, and sometimes they are posts that I was passionate about. I don’t publish them because they are too rambly, I think that no one will read them, or they just don’t reflect what I think I want for my blog. This is a terrible habit because I put so much effort into writing posts, and then I just end up throwing a lot of them out. I do want to be proud of the content I put out, but I also want to be consistent, not post once a month. I am not saying that I want to put out crappy posts, because I don’t. These posts aren’t crappy, they are fine! I just all of a sudden hate the idea of the post after I write it. I don’t want to post one fabulous blog post once a month, I want to post lots of good blog posts. I can see myself not posting this blog post because it is far more rambly than all of my other posts… but, I am going to post this one!!

What I am saying in this massive rant is that I want to be able to post the content I spent hours on, and not end up not using it because people won’t like it, or it isn’t as good as my other posts. I even have posted blog posts, and then a week later deleted them because I don’t want them on my site. Recently I have had little motivation to even write blog posts because I fear that I will write one I don’t want to post. If I just let myself post everything, I would have a better blog, because it would be more ME, and less confined.


Lowering my Standards 

I have such high standards, that I want every blog post to meet. If I lowered them just a little bit, I could be much happier with the posts I am writing.

It’s an amazing feeling when you write a blog post you are SO proud of, the pictures are amazing, your writing is good, etc. In an ideal world, that would be every time. Trust me, I have tried to see if that works. It doesn’t. If you sit around waiting for inspiration to strike, waiting for the writing flow, the perfect lighting to take pictures, etc., you will be posting blog posts once a month. I am not saying every blog post won’t be great, and something you are proud of, I am just saying that every post might not be perfect. So, I am going to try to put 100% into every blog post, and make sure it is a good post, but not worry about feeling that feeling every time. I just want to write and publish, and not hold myself to toxic standards. If I don’t hold myself to impossible standards, I have a feeling that blogging will come more naturally to me, be less stressful, and I will start to feel happier with my content.

It’s tricky, because if I let myself, I could be proud of every post, not just a select few. Nothing is perfect, and I am sure everyone will enjoy my posts more if they are more natural!

My goal: Post all the blog posts I write, even if they are not perfect, and do not delete old blog posts.


 Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers.

Everyone does it. Checking how many likes a blogger with the same amount of followers got, how many comments on their recent blog post, checking their view counters, etc. This usually leads to not feeling good about you and your blog. I hate to sound cheesy, but EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Maybe they have been blogging for longer, maybe their niche is different so they attract a different, more engaged audience. Who knows?? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Now, I am not trying to teach you a lesson here, because I most certainly compare myself to other bloggers on the daily. However, I am trying to steer myself away from that because it is a poisonous habit, if you are trying to be yourself in the blogging world. Comparing yourself to others can easily throw you in a blogging rut, because you want your content to be better. Challenging yourself is good, but every time you think a post isn’t good enough, think about why you are saying that. Is it because your pictures aren’t great compared to other bloggers’s posts? Is it because the blog post idea is too far out there?


How do I stop comparing myself to other influencers?

Comparing is inevitable, but there are a few things to remember.

  • If you are proud of something, that is all that matters – don’t compare to other blogger’s content. It is incredibly important to stay true to yourself and publish unique content in the blogging world. 


  • Take inspiration – Instead of comparing harshly, and saying that your content is worse than other peoples’, take inspiration. However, it is important to stay true to what you want to do and respect their ideas. Take inspiration from other bloggers and incorporate it into what you already have, don’t steal ideas.


  • Everyone is different


  • Support other bloggers – don’t be sad when they hit a milestone, be happy for them, and think about what you could do to reach that milestone. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Last Takeaway

A massive takeaway that was not stressed enough in this blog post, is to be yourself. Do what you want to do. Don’t copy other people’s ideas. Create your own brand.


Now, I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like if I can stop comparing myself and let go of absolute perfection and toxic standards, my blog is going to be AMAZING! This post was definitely just a rant, and not very helpful to anyone, and it is something I would usually write and then delete. However, there is a point in it. I want to share with you all that blogging isn’t perfect, and kind of just an inside scoop. This is one of those posts that kind of just came out of my finger tips, and I don’t want to throw that passion and focus a way. I hope it did not come across as negative, because I intended it to be positive and inspirational. I hope you all enjoyed this random, chatty post!

Disclaimer: Everything I said was from personal experience, and everyone has different methods for blogging.




13 thoughts on “Blogging Isn’t Perfect…

  1. I think the most important part of blogging is knowing that it is okay to be vulnerable. Posting those scary posts? are actually the ones I find I get the most support and traffic on. When you are vulnerable, you are authentic and everyone relates to that. Their is not only courage but also power.
    As humans we are all hard on ourselves. It is natural. But have faith you have created an amazing site. I absolutely love this post and can relate to it, because I have had these same struggles. Thank you for sharing and opening up. I hope you have an amazing day! ❤


    1. thank you for this amazing comment! I am so glad you liked the post and I greatly appreciate the feedback. Have an amazing day 🙂


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