Habits I want to Develop + A Few Tips

Hey gals! So recently on my blog, you may have noticed that my blog has had a focus on productivity, goals, organization, etc. All of that really has to do with bettering your life and making yourself happier.  I know that’s a little deep, but I really want to live a life I am truly happy with, and part of that for me is productivity and being a girlboss. Recently I just have been addicted to the idea of productivity, girlboss, organization, and it clearly shows on my blog. I feel like there is no better feeling than being productive and getting sh*t done!


Anyways, recently I have spent some time on Pinterest (follow me here), and have read a few articles about habits. Developing habits you are happy with is the first step to creating a routine, and creating routine is good for living a productive and positive lifestyle. Not to say you can’t change things up, but I personally love routines and schedules. I find that they help me to feel organized and productive.

Habits are meant to help you meet your goals and feel happier! So, I decided to brainstorm a few things I want to start doing everyday/most days, and share them with you. I also wrote a bit about how they relate to my goals, or how they will help better my life.

People talk about goals all the time, but with any type of goal, developing a daily habit is the way to achieve them. For example, if one of your goals is to drink more water, then a habit to create could be drinking a tall glass of water right when you wake up. If you have a more long term/big goal like, hit 10k on Instagram, then maybe a daily habit you create could be posting everyday, or being active on Instagram for an hour after school every day.

Also, if you want to develop habits, be realistic and start small. Habits are not goals, they are the pathway to goals. They are achievable and REALISTIC steps to take to accomplishing a goal.  Don’t say right off the bat that you want to get into the habit of something that cannot fit into your schedule, and will only stress you out.

Some of these habits have to do with being more productive/girlboss, and some are for personal goals. This post may seem like a goals post, but it isn’t! It’s habits I will create to achieve my goals. You’ll notice they are far more specific than goals. I hope you all enjoy and find some inspiration (stay until the end to see some more girl boss habit ideas).

Habits to Develop this Spring: A list

  • Journal everyday – I was inspired by my sister to start a journal, because she journals everyday, and I feel like it could be a way to stressed and feel better over all. I started a journal and have written in it a couple times this week, so far so good!


  • No phone or computer until after breakfast is eaten and I am completely ready – I always feel that when I get on my phone right away in the morning, it slows down my routine. I want to start my morning fresh and productive, get completely ready, and then get on my phone. In many aspects of my life, I have noticed it is helpful to be productive first, and then relax/go on my phone.


  • Work on my blog every single day – you all know how much I love to blog, and how much I want to grow my blog. I really need to commit to working on it everyday, if I want to accomplish my blogging goals!


  • Listen to more music and less Netflix when working – I LOVE Netflix, do not get me wrong, but I have aquired an AWFUL habit of watching Netflix while blogging. And while this is fine when I am doing smaller blogging bits like editing, it is super unhelpful and counterproductive to watch TV while trying to write a blog post.


  • Drink two water bottles at school – I always start off the school day staying super hydrated, and drinking a whole water bottle before lunch! Then I start to forget about drinking water for the rest of the school day and at home! I really want to try and drink two water bottles at school, and then one more at home before Dinner. Also, for some reason staying hydrated at school is so much easier for me than at home, I barely drink any water on the weekends! If you struggle with hydrating yourself, I wrote a post on my top tips here.


  • Go outside every day or most days – this is so so so difficult in Winter, as it is freezing and BLAH outside. As soon as the sun comes out and the weather warms up, I want to start spending some more time outdoors.


  • Post about my day on Instagram stories everyday – I used to update my Instagram stories so often, and I miss it! I am trying to be more active on Instagram, both posting and on my stories. I also want to share more of my personal life/what I do in a day, as well as blogging stuff.


  • Productivity as soon as I get home – the past week, I have been getting home from school, and getting productive right away, as soon as I walk through the door. I journal, do a bit of homework, and THEN relax. This has felt so good, but it only really works if I don’t have a lot of homework. That way I can do it all right then, and then relax and only worry about blogging stuff for the rest of the evening. If I have a lot of homework, then I hope to get a start on it as soon as I get home, and then make a plan to get it done.



  • Make bed as soon as I wake up – I have been doing this most days recently, but it’s pretty hard when I am getting ready for school. It makes me feel much cleaner and more productive when I do it first thing in the morning.


  • Wash my face every day – I keep saying I will wash my face with a cleanser every morning, and then I end up being way too lazy! I really should, because it make my skins feel so good! I just need to force myself to do it every morning, until I do it naturally!


  • Learn danish a little bit – I am hoping to go to Denmark again this summer to visit my family, so I really need to touch up on my Danish. I know the best way to do this is to work at it a little bit each day.


  • Gratitude – Along with journaling every day, I want to include in each journal entry a short gratitude list. I have heard so many amazing things about doing this, and it is so important to be grateful


Those are some of the habits I am hoping to develop this month! Following a routine is a goal of mine, and creating girlboss habits is the first step to that.

If you are looking to develop some girlboss habits… Here are some ideas! -These are ideas that I already do or I don’t think will be beneficial to me, but are great habit ideas!


  • Stick to a specific bedtime
  • Lay out your outfit the night before
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Make to do lists everyday
  • Write in a planner
  • Drink tea every morning – I actually low key want to do this one..
  • Do something for yourself everyday (self care)
  • Keep your room clean by spending five-ten minutes everyday picking up


If you want more ideas, I have an entire Pinterest board about habits right here.

I am hoping to make this a two part blog post on the blog! In the next post, I want to talk about sticking with a habit, holding yourself accountable, and making a schedule. Is that something you all would like to see? Let me know in the comments.

I really hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it. I don’t really know why, but I  love writing posts about anything related to productivity and bettering your life. It makes me feel good about myself, to be writing content about the life I want, and I hope I can inspire you all! Let me know your thoughts about these types of blog posts please!

In other news, I recently got Twitter, and I LOVE it! I am obsessed with tweeting about anything and everything lol. Follow me here.

Have a wonderful week, and I will see you in the next post! In the meantime… you can follow me on Instagram!


8 thoughts on “Habits I want to Develop + A Few Tips

  1. ahhh I loved this! I already do quite a lot of the things you talked about, but now I have a lot more inspiration! congrats on 100 blog followers too, you really deserve it xx

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