5 Self Care Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I hope you all are having an amazing day and week. As you know, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. I have conflicting feelings about Valentine’s day. I think that the commercialization of the day has gotten completely out of hand, however, I do enjoy that there is a holiday associated with/dedicated to love. A lot of people are obsessed with Valentine’s day, and others think it’s stupid. I can understand why people might think it is stupid because there are so much commercialization and obligation surrounding it. However, Valentine’s day is also an opportunity to celebrate love in all forms. This Valentine’s day, I want to challenge you all to focus primarily on probably the most important kind of love: Self Love. 


Now, if you don’t have plans for Valentine’s day, and/or you think it’s dumb, use this opportunity to celebrate the love you have or want to have for yourself. I talk about self-love all the time on here because it is so important to take care of yourself and spend time with yourself, even if you don’t think you need to. 

It might seem like a waste of your time to put energy into spending an entire evening by yourself, but trust me it’s not. Especially if you don’t often spend a lot of time with yourself, you will find that an extravagant evening alone will be very enjoyable. You might think some of these ideas are a little silly, but try and give them a chance, it’s fun to plan a “date” with yourself. Today I am sharing five self-care date ideas for this Valentine’s day. You can use these ideas anytime you are in need of a night in by yourself, but I thought it would be fun to propose these ideas in honor of Valentine’s day, the holiday of love 🙂

If you plan on spending Valentine’s day with your gals, these ideas could easily be transformed into a fun night in with your best friends!


Movie Marathon w/ popcorn and valentines day chocolate 

Perfect for the lazy gal/ the movie lover

This idea is easy and fun, and I guarantee will be relaxing. Grab your favorite movies (yes multiple, a movie marathon is WAY more fun than watching a single movie), and stay up all night watching them. Grab all the blankets you can find, turn on the Tv and just relax! Obviously, buy some popcorn and Valentine’s day chocolate to make your movie marathon more pleasurable. 

Here are a few ideas for what movies to watch!

  • Your favorite Disney movies
  • The entire Twilight saga
  • All seven Harry Potter movies, or just your faves
  • High school musical movies, or any other musical movies that you can sing along to (Mamma Mia!)
  • Throwback chick flicks – legally blonde, clueless, 13 going on 30




Bake some treats, jam to music, eat the treats 

Perfect for the sweet tooth

I personally love to bake. I find it therapeutic, fun, and rewarding. I am a total sweet tooth so I love to bake and then devour all of my treats. If you ask me, this is a perfect date-with-yourself idea. I recommend a good scroll through Pinterest until you find a recipe that makes your mouth water. Then, hop on Spotify (or wherever you listen to your music) and turn on an old playlist that can’t stop you from dancing or screaming the lyrics! To gain the most satisfaction from this evening, eat ALL of the baked treats that you worked so hard on!

Cook yourself an extravagant dinner

Perfect for the gal who loves to cook

This one is super fun and starts the same way as the idea above. Scroll through Pinterest and find a recipe for a super deluxe (even a few courses) meal. Turn on some music and start cooking! Set your table with a candle, a table cloth, flowers, etc. (super Instagram worthy). When you have finished cooking, plate your food in the most elegant and aesthetic way. Depending on what mood you are in, it might even be fun to get dressed up in your fave dress (or you can wear pajamas). When your meal is done cooking, sit down and enjoy an extravagant meal for one!!  If you aren’t good at cooking, find an easier recipe, but still something you wouldn’t normally make, something special.


Make yourself a cozy fort, read some books, and order pizza

 Perfect for the Reader

Grab all of the blankets and pillows you can find and make a fort! If you haven’t made one since you were a kid and forget how fun they are, THEY ARE SO FRICKIN FUN. Spend as much time as you want making a perfect fort, setting up with all the essentials: water, Valentine’s day chocolate, fairy lights, etc. Head to your bookshelf, or even the library if you feel inclined to, and pick out a good book, maybe your favorite book, or a book you really want to read but haven’t gotten around to. The last step in this date idea, and quite possibly the most important: getting a pizza delivered. Now crawl into your fort, open up your book, and dig into your pizza!


Pamper Evening

 Perfect for the spa-loving babe

Now, for my last idea, I recommend a full evening of pampering.

Start with a hot bath with a bath bomb or bath salts (or a shower if you don’t like baths). When you are in your bath or shower, do your whole routine, use all your products. Wash and condition your hair, use a sugar scrub, etc. Take as long as you want in your bath/shower, and when you are finished, you will feel SO REFRESHED. Now, hop into your coziest pajamas and change the sheets on your bed. There is literally no better feeling than having a clean body, clean hair, clean pajamas, and clean sheets. Before you slip into your fresh covers, put on a face mask and grab your fave nail polish. Turn on your favorite TV show and carefully paint all of your fingernails and toenails. Then, slip into your fresh and clean sheets, turn off the lights, and enjoy a full night of sleep. Sounds good right? 🙂



Those are all of my ideas!! I seriously recommend taking one of these ideas and enjoying a night of relaxation. It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s day, but if you don’t have plans and want to celebrate somehow, plan a lovely evening for yourself. All of these ideas were for staying in, because I personally love staying in and getting cozy, but you could definitely take yourself out on a date. You could go for a nice long walk, take yourself to dinner,  get your nails done, etc.

Whether you are spending it by yourself or not, I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s and eat as much chocolate as your heart desires (I certainly will).

If you want some more self-care ideas, check out my Pinterest board all about self-care!


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6 thoughts on “5 Self Care Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

  1. Pamper Evening & Make yourself a cozy fort, read some books, and order pizza are noted! 😍 Great ideas! And girl I love the red shades ❤❤❤ Lovely post! Advance Happy Valentine’s Day! hugs x


      1. btw i tagged you to do the ‘7 favorite things tag’. If you wanna do it, read my latest blog post for the info! 💓


  2. loved this blog post! I will definitely be doing one of these things on valentines day! might treat myself to a pizza hehe! the photography in this is absolutely INCRED, you should be so proud! Last thing, I just noticed you have 99 followers! So proud of you ❤ xxxx


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