January Takeaways.


Where I have been, blogging ruts, January takeaways.

Warning! This blog post is lengthy and a bit all over the place. Still a very important read.

Remember earlier this month when I was posting blog posts every day?? I remember the feeling of waking up every day, rushing to snap pictures, and uploading a blog post all before 9:00, when school started. I also remember seeing my blog views rise a little bit because you guys could see how passionate I was about posting every day. I loved those two weeks because I felt productive girl boss! However, I started to run out of ideas. Little old me decided to jump into blogging every day without ANY planning ahead. That’s right, ANY. I can’t even imagine myself trying to come up with an idea and write a post every single day! But, somehow, I did it. I am honestly proud of some of the blog posts I published earlier this month. However, eventually, I started running out of ideas and my blog posts got shorter, less interesting, and my pictures became lower quality. 

That put me in a bit of a blogging rut. I was out of ideas but I wanted to be writing posts. The stress of the standard I had set for myself started to settle in…


At the same time, I was preparing to be in the school musical and finish off a semester. I try really hard to separate school and blogging into two completely different worlds, but that doesn’t always work. Blogging requires time and effort, and so does school. I didn’t want blogging to stress me out, I wanted it to help me destress. And for a little while, it did, until I realized I didn’t have enough time to juggle it all. I could easily publish a new post every day, but they wouldn’t all be perfect, and they wouldn’t satisfy me. 

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I like my blog posts to be well written, organized, and have good pictures. I then realized that I might prefer quality over content. This was a scary thought for me because even though everyone in the blogging community is always drilling this idea into your head, I really liked the idea of blogging every day and producing as much content as possible. Also, if I was posting less frequently, my views would be farther apart, making it hard to see my success and progress on a small scale.


I get a lot of questions from you all about how to blog every day/ frequently, and what I learned is that it’s possible, but it might not be in the best interest of you and your blog. You have to figure out what’s right for you.  You don’t need to have a strict blogging schedule, because that can actually stop your creativity flow.

I’ve realized this month that not having a specific blogging schedule might actually help me blog more often. That way, I create the motivation to write a post and don’t feel forced to crank one out for every Monday and Friday. That way I can do what I feel is right, and blog as frequently or as far apart as I want.

So, after I realized that I needed to slow down my blogging, and spend time writing blog posts I am truly happy with, I fell into a bit of a blogging rut. When you are coming from trying to match up to such a harsh standard, it’s hard to have the motivation to write posts. That wasn’t even the main issue though: I became extremely busy with the musical I was in. I didn’t have the time or energy to focus as hard on blogging as I wanted to. This was frustrating because I saw bloggers all around me riding the new year high and posting tons on their blog and Instagram. I knew that I would not be able to write a good post until after the show was over, but I had so many new year goals for my blog.

You might be confused: earlier I said that not having a standard and a schedule is helpful, and then I just said it’s what put me into a blogging rut. Well, I had to learn that not having a schedule is not stressful, it’s liberating. I don’t have to get a post done at a certain time, and I don’t have to make promises to you all that might not work out. However, this doesn’t mean I won’t have a schedule down the line, but right now I need to figure out what works for me and not jump into another standard I set for myself.


During this two weekish hiatus, I realized that my Instagram can’t thrive without my blog, and my blog was not thriving haha. My blog and my Instagram are super connected for me, and I have zero motivation to post unless I am happy with my blog. Because I am going to be writing better content now, but a little more slowed down, I am not sure what my plan with Instagram will be. I love seeing other bloggers on Instagram, but I have such high standards for what I want my feed to look like. I don’t want to give up my Instagram or anything, but I really want to focus my energy on my blog, therefore I will be a lot less active on Instagram for a little bit. I am still watching your guys’ stories and seeing your posts though.

I took two blogging breaks in the past two months, and what they taught me is that there hasn’t really been a stretch of time where I am completely happy with my blog. However, there have been posts that I am happy with. Things change, but I am a perfectionist, and I feel urges all the time to delete old blog posts that I didn’t put much energy into but I was happy with at the time. I am still learning to grow with my blog and not be so hard on myself.

I have so many goals, dreams, and harsh expectations for my blog this year, as I always have.  I am hoping that this month I can slow down, and start the journey of feeling good about each and every post, which will lead to accomplishing my goals for my blog.

Now I want to share a few of my lessons and takeaways from January. This blog post has been all over the place, but I touch briefly on all of these takeaways at some point in this post.


A few takeaways/lessons from January 2019 

  • Quality over content
  • schedules aren’t everything
  • Stress sucks (wow that is quite the revelation Raquel) and can easily derail any plans you have
  • My happiness with my blog comes from being truly satisfied with each and every one of my posts and seeing that you all love them as much as I do
  • Things change: what I thought and liked to do at the beginning of the month is completely different than now, 
  • Motivation comes in waves, and that’s Ok. 


January was a stressful month for me because of school and personal stuff. I told myself maybe a billion times that when February comes, everything would be less stressful and I would feel much better. When February arrived, a lot of my stress had died down, but remnants of my stress and my blogging rut remained.

Motivation and happiness with something can come in waves. How many times have I written a post on here saying that I was in a bit of a blogging rut, but I am excited to start making posts I am happy with? I am writing this post again because I have that same feeling. I have goals, I have ideas, just like any other rut I have come out of, except this time, I am changing my standards. I want to make good quality content, so this month I won’t hit publish without feeling happy about the post. I have a new found determination that resides in all of my dreams for my life and my blog. 



I am not sure how often I will post, it will probably be all over the place. Some weeks there might be 3 or 4 posts, and some there might not be any! Follow my blog if you want to make sure to not miss a post 🙂

I am gonna keep it real with you all, have fun, and see where this blog takes me in the next few months!!

Thank you all for sticking with me through this super long blog posts, and through all my blogging ups and downs. Let’s do thisssss!!

Side note – I talked a lot about standards and how sometimes setting standards and expectations for yourself can be harmful. Should I do a blog post about this? Comment down below.

9 thoughts on “January Takeaways.

  1. Brilliant post! It can be tough when writers block comes along but fair play for picking yourself back up and writing this great post 💕


  2. Ooo I totally agree! Every day in my reader I see a ton of new blog posts ideas and it kind of puts pressure on me to come out with more content. However, I agree that quality over content is a really good rule of thumb to have. I also don’t really have a schedule because that puts a lot of stress on me. I post what I wanna post when I wanna post.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this post. The pictures are very nice! x


    1. Thank you for such a nice comment Isa! I totally agree about how you shouldn’t feel pressure when it comes to blogging. I am glad you are using a system that works for you. I am glad you liked the post!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Raquel! I loved how real and honest this post was… and yes, I’d love a post about standards. I can’t even handle the thought of blogging everyday, but you did an amazing job of it! 💖


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