Productive Morning Routine +Prouctivity Tips

Hey all and welcome back to the blog! Guess who’s on a 4-day blogging streak?? I’m so proud of myself to not only be posting every day but posting blog posts I am genuinely proud of! I have struggled a lot in the past with stressing about posting a blog post and then ending up posting something I am not proud of. One part of me is boggled that I have been able to keep this up so far haha (even though it’s only been four days).

Since I am blogging every single day, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you guys a little bit about what I am going to do each day. Today I am headed to a dentist appointment, even though I literally HATE the dentist (anyone else?), going to school, and then babysitting after.


I hope you all are having an enjoyable and productive first week of 2019! If you need some productivity inspo, definitely read this blog post, but also feel free to check out my other blog posts from this week! They are all focused around productivity and having a girl boss 2019, as will most of my blog posts this month!

In a blog post from the other day, I talked about my favorite productivity/organization youtuber (read that blog post here), and she often does videos called “get productive with me.” I love watching these videos, and they always motivate me. Today I decided I wanted to do something similar, to hopefully motivate all of you. In this post, I am going to share my “productive morning routine” and some of my top tips for a productive day. Throughout my routine, I put in bold some of my tips, and I also listed some towards the end of this post 🙂

Last Saturday, I cleaned up my room and decided to work on a long checklist for my blog. I invited my bestie over, and we had a lot of fun and I ended up checking a lot of things off my checklist.



I woke up at 9:00 am – I often read or watch the morning routines of productive and organized people and they wake up at 6 am or something crazy like that. If that works for you, go for it! I personally feel like if I woke up that early, I would just feel lazy and tired. To be productive, you have to get good sleep!

I immediately got dressed when I woke up because it is way harder to get dressed later when you are comfortable in your PJs. It also launches you into your day, instead of helping you to have a lazy morning. I threw on a pair of leggings and a hoodie because although you don’t want to be in your pajamas, it’s important to be comfy. I honestly just feel cleaner and ready for the day when I change my clothes.


I then went downstairs and made myself a big tall smoothie. Smoothies are a perfect start to a productive day because they are refreshing, healthy, and filling. I sipped my smoothie while scrolling through my phone. Some people say it’s unproductive to go on your phone, and it wastes time, but it’s important to go easy on yourself, let yourself relax a little bit, take breaks, etc.


After I finished my smoothie I filled up a big glass of water to sip on throughout the morning, because HYDRATION IS KEY.

I headed into the bathroom to get ready and used my new Clean and Clear LEMON gel cleanser and toner. It instantly refreshed my skin and woke me up. An invigorating cleanser is ideal for a productive morning because it really wakes up your skin. While I got ready, I watched some productivity YouTube videos and really inspired myself! I am currently obsessed with a YouTuber named Rachelleea, who posts videos about being productive, cleaning, organization, etc. (wrote a whole blog post about her and how she influenced my blog here).


Then I went up to my room and cleaned it up because to be productive, it is super important to have a clean and nondistracting space. It also makes you feel productive to clean your room up really nicely.

My favorite part comes next: making a todo list. I cannot stress the importance of making a todo list when you are trying to have a productive day. Write down all your tasks, so you can see your goals in front of you, get your thoughts on paper. It makes me feel so much more organized to see everything I need to do write in front of me, not to mention it’s quite satisfying to cross off tasks as you work.

IMG-7642.jpgDepending on what works for you, turn on some music or TV. Working can be extremely boring if you don’t have anything to entertain you. If you find TV distracting, I would recommend work music, or maybe even a podcast. Remember: make it fun for yourself! I love watching TV shows while I work, to entertain me if I am doing something boring like editing blog posts.

Get to work! Start crossing tasks off that list. Remember to take breaks, drink water, and eat snacks! Below are a few other tips for a productive day!

  • Don’t be unrealistic with your goals – if you write a to-do list with a billion tasks, and only end up accomplishing a few, you won’t feel very productive. Challenge yourself to be productive, but not too much!
  • Supplies: depending on what you are doing, have a good notebook on hand to make lists and jot down ideas.
  • Switch up your space – you will be much more productive if you switch up where you are working: spend a little time at your desk, on the couch, go for a coffee and work a little at the coffee shop, etc.
  • Set up a rewards system – if you have a hard time focusing, set up a rewards system. For example – write a blog post, get a phone break or a piece of chocolate.
  • Take breaks! – You will get so much more done if you take breaks from working than if you try and power through.



That’s all for today’s post! I am totally open to doing another productivity tips post, I just didn’t want this post to be too long. I have probably said this a billion times, but I am feeling so inspired and motivated, and I hope you all are getting something out of reading my posts. I hope you all have an enjoyable and productive Thursday and I will see you all tomorrow for another post!

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5 thoughts on “Productive Morning Routine +Prouctivity Tips

  1. I LIVE off of my todo lists and I honestly can’t function without them because I’ll forget what I need to do and then it never gets done. Plus, it’s so satisfying to cross things off. I 100% agree with you that phone time is okay and you have to give yourself some downtown every once in a while.


  2. loved this yet again raquel! i would say i am a productive person already but i feel a spark of motivation for today! + i need to start drinking more water!! – Grace xx


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