Apps I want to start using in 2019 to grow my blog

Hey all and welcome back to the blog! Happy 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2018. I spent New Year’s Eve watching movies with my besties and I had such a lovely time. I am feeling so fresh and ready for the New Year.


I have so many goals for 2019, one of which is to work on growing my blog traffic and expand my audience. I know I am capable of doing this, but it requires work, just like any goal. In yesterday’s blog post I talked about how to actually stick to a new year’s resolution/goal (which you can read here), and one of the points I made is that you need to have a specific plan for how to accomplish your goal.

I am changing up my content and taking better pictures, which I will know will definitely help me grow my blog. However, besides Instagram, I have no way of advertising my blog and blog posts.

I did some research and came up with a little list of apps that will hopefully help grow my blog traffic. I am really trying to be a girl boss this year and work hard on my blog, so I am trying out these apps!  Haha, this may seem cocky, but I feel like one of the main reasons I haven’t gotten that much traffic to my blog is I haven’t worked hard enough to advertise it. All of these apps I have seen recommended by other bloggers, and I am super excited to start using them!



  • Twitter – I have wanted a Twitter account for forever, and at one point I even made one, but for some reason I forgot about it and deleted the app. I have seen some of my favorite bloggers use this app and I was inspired to start using it in 2019. Not only can you advertise your blog through Twitter, but it is also a great place to connect with other bloggers.


  • Pinterest – Pinterest is an app I already use to gather blogging inspiration, but I have never used it seriously to advertise my blog. There was a point during the summer when I used it to advertise my blog, but I got lazy and didn’t really use it. I really want to start designing pins and joining group boards so I can use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.


  • Bloglovin’ –  I have had this app on my phone for months but I have actually never started an account. Bloglovin’ is an app where you can read blog posts and promote your own. Again, I have seen all of my fave bloggers use this app and link it to their blog and it seems really helpful. For some reason, I have the idea in my head that this app is really complicated even though I have never tried it. It might be difficult, but I still want to set up an account because it seems quite beneficial.


  • Google analytics – Google analytics is an app that tracks your blog analytics. I think that this app could be really helpful to see what time, what posts, what days, etc. are the most popular on my blog. Also, seeing my statistics will help me be more motivated to improve my blog, and I will know more specifically what to improve.



With all of these apps, I will have to put effort into them to make them work, but I know I can do it!  I hope you found an app on this (very short) list that will help you grow your blog too. I will keep you guys updated when I start accounts so you can follow me 🙂 Later on in the year, I think it would be fun to do a sequel to this post about apps I think bloggers should have, and we will see how many of these apps make it onto this list.  

That’s all for today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you all have a great start to the New Year. I know we will all accomplish so much this year!

Read yesterday’s post! – a guide to bettering your life in 2019 – How to set a goal and keep it and changing the stigma around New Year’s resolutions.

I hope to post more frequently on the blog this year, so definitely give my blog a follow on the sidebar to stay posted!

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