How to Find Blogging Inspiration!

Hey people! Happy Monday! I hope you all are having a fab start to your week. We all know that Mondays can be hard and it is often the day associated with no motivation and being tired. So I thought, let’s kick some ass and get inspired! Today I am talking all about inspiration: who inspires me, what inspires me, how to find inspiration. A big badass guide to inspiration, you could say. I am writing this post in the wake of last week’s post which was all about what to do when you are not feeling motivated, you can read it here. That post was mostly about getting things done when you don’t want to, which is super important, but I want this post to be about GETTING INSPIRED. I am mostly going to talk about blogging inspiration, but some of the stuff I talk about could be applied to other things too.


First, I want to share with you who and what inspires me as far as blogging.

When I am looking for inspiration for blog post ideas, I head over to – – Olivia has such unique blog post ideas that are super fun to read. A lot of them have to do with activism, which I find super inspiring. Definitely fo browse through her blog 😉  – I go and scroll through Liv’s blog for lifestyle blog post inspiration! She has the best lifestyle blog posts, from makeup to important discussions. – Rebecca’s blog gives me tons of lifestyle blog post inspo, especially when it comes to seasonal bloggy stuff – I mean just look at her fall blog posts!

When I am looking for general inspiration for blogging, what I usually will do is scroll through some fellow blogger’s accounts and look at their story highlights about their blog. It really motivates when I see other bloggers working hard on their blog.

This one may seem obvious but…. PINTEREST

Pinterest is the absolute jackpot of inspiration. You can find blog post ideas, awesome and beautiful blogs to browse through, and also wonderful bloggers. Another great way to utilize Pinterest is to learn how to make your blog better. There are thousands of articles on Pinterest about gaining more traffic to your blog, how to take better pictures, how to start an email list, how to make money on your blog, etc. The point is, Pinterest is the go-to place for improving your blog. It is super cool to have a place where bloggers can help each other out and inspire each other.

Another great thing about Pinterest is group boards! Group boards are boards where multiple bloggers can pin their blog posts. This way all the bloggers get their blog posts seen and you can find inspiration in the other people’s blogs and blog posts!

If you are in a rut and can’t seem to come up with ideas for your blog, you can always go through your old blog posts, maybe that will spark your imagination!

Like I said, all over Pinterest you can find tons of cool blogs on various topics, including blogging and productivity. I want to tell you all about one specific blog that is sooooo helpful. – is a great resource for well, being a productive blogger. She posts many times a week about getting work done, making money on your blog, blogging tips and tools, growing your blog, and so much more. I would definitely recommend checking out her site!

Alsooooo if you want some Instagram inspiration, check out…

@absoloutelyolivia has the best poses and her pictures are so badass and professional!

@veeraelisabetht has the most unique and beautiful photos!! I love them so much they look like they come straight out of a magazine!

@ohdarlingblog has a great theme and has super beautiful pictures and poses.

@thatrebeccarose has such beautiful fall pictures, they are so cozy! She has wonderful pictures all year round too.

@livv.gracee has really nice aesthetic pictures

@heyitssophiarose has the most beautiful white theme ever OMG

Heck yea! That was my inspiration blog post! I am sorry if it was a bit all over the place, I tried to give you all a taste of all sorts of places you could find blogging inspiration. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. 




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