Hey everyone! Welcome to the Ray of Sunshine Blog! I blog about lifestyle, productivity, and bettering your life. I’m all about positivity and happiness! I hope you enjoy browsing my blog.

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A Bit More About Me

Hey! My name is Raquel and I am a 14 year old, Danish-American blogger! I love to blog, bake, travel, and spend time with my family and my super snuggly cat.

Even though I am only 14, I think a lot about what I want for my life, or more specifically what types of things I want to do, habits I want to create, etc. I want to live a productive and happy life! I want to travel, work hard on my blog, and feel happy with my habits. That’s why you’ll notice a lot of my blog posts are about bettering your life!! Goals, plans, and productivity is what I live for!

I LOVE anything related to blogging and social media! It’s my happy place 🙂 I also LOVEEEE food. I am a total foodie, you can always find me eating haha. I especially love sweets, anything chocolatey will make my day!

Again, I put a lot of effort into blogging, so please check out some posts, I am sure you will find something helpful – All posts

I am totally open to PR and collaborations. Anyone can contact me through my contact page, my Instagram, or my Twitter!

Just a reminder – you are beautiful, you are loved, and I am always here to talk!